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Are you too busy and finding time to properly clean your home/office difficult? Do you need a reliable and trustworthy service?  Many of our clients tell us about the bad experiences they’ve had with cleaning services.  The cleaning service usually starts out delivering good work and then slowly over time the services decline.  This happens a lot with companies who use rotating staff.

When you hire JMS for your cleaning needs you get:

• a fully insured company with local references;

• a customized chores list based on your individual needs;

• a consistently high quality cleaning service;

• the same people, who take pride in their work;

• an office / home that is fresh, clean and inviting to come into;

• we use only triple filter HEPA vacuums;

• our color coded micro fiber clothes  and scrubbies are changed after each bathroom/kitchen;

• our dust mops, mop heads and cob web dusters  are changed after each home.  

• We clean and sanitized all of them after each use ensuring the healthiest clean possible.

• Your choice of your cleaning products, our environmentally-friendly products or combination of the two.

•We love using ‘green’ methods for cleaning- protecting the health of our clients their family and pets along with our planet.

Our line of ‘green” cleaning products use naturally derived ingredients with no chlorine bleach, ammonia, or formaldehyde. They work and smell great, and are good for your health; Think about trying them..


Most  packages  begin with these basic routine chores:

Clean and Sanitize Kitchen counters, sinks and surfaces including: Exterior and interior of microwave, exterior of other appliances including refrigerator, dishwasher. oven, stove, range hood, garbage cans etc.

Clean and Sanitize bathrooms including:  Tubs, toilets, sinks, countertops, mirrors, and floors.

Light dusting of furniture throughout house

Vacuum all exposed carpeted areas/rooms and rugs

Clean all bare floors throughout the house

Remove Trash to one location as directed by you.

We can build on your package by adding some or all of these items;

Everyone is  different. Let us know your needs.

We will build the perfect package for you.

General dusting of: ceiling fans and light fixtures, shelving, furniture, appliances, and sills throughout house

Dust top to bottom accessible cobwebs, vents, fans, light fixtures, shelving, decorative items, furniture, appliances, sills and baseboards.

Clean mirrors, dust all wall art or pictures

Clean/Sanitize all surfaces (tables, counters etc. as appropriate)

Polish/oil wood furniture as needed

Clean glass shelving/tables

Clean inside/out of front entryway glass doors

Laundry room appliances cleaned on the exterior, countertops cleaned and sanitized, shelving dusted as available

Sanitize all door knobs, telephone receivers and light switches

Clean cabinet exteriors

Clean walls behind stove and sink

Do you need other chores done? We can pick up your dry cleaning, groceries or run other small errands for you. Do you need help de-cluttering or down sizing, possible for a move? Yup, we love to help with that too! Let us know what your needs are.

These services offered in Parkville, Carney,Towson & Glenn Meadows Retirement Community  

Additional charges for traveling outside these areas based on distance.

Contact us for more info and pricing.

As the owner of JMS I make sure to keep up to date with my certifications in First Aid, CPR & AED as well as keeping up with my certifications in Pet First Aid & CPR.